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COURSE hyaluronate FOAM INNOVATIVE METHODS WITHOUT NEEDLES ,, TOP QUALITY ACCURATE 100% reliable ,, present you an innovative device for cosmetic treatments - Hyaluronate PEN (PEN HIALURON). Now, during the treatment of beauty, your clients will not forget that injections cause pain and cause inconvenience in the form of bruises and swelling. The injection system filler biorevitalizanata and meso-cocktails will not only give your skin freshness and youth, but will also provide comfort during the healing process and relieve the post-injectable komplikacija.HIALURON PEN - the device is the optimum solution for clients with sensitive skin that is prone to getting scars and hematoma.

Duration: 1 day x 4 hours

You can easily learn how to work with HIALURON PEN just for a few lessons. During the training process, you will get not only theoretical knowledge base, but you will be able to gain the practical skills to manage the device in terms of cosmetic office.

In our lesson you will:
learn how to love innovative HIALURON PEN device;
you'll watch a demo presentation on how to conduct the treatment by qualified professionals;
Improve your skills on models and improve their theoretical knowledge;

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE for completion of the course.
I TOP QUALITY PRECISE 100% reliable ... and gives outstanding results, beauticians, anti-age treatment, the face, chest, neck reduces scarring striae and tightens the skin to increase the volume of lips filling wrinkles and wrinkle nazlabilnih..

The advantage of this treatment is to accurately measure where the client candecide how he wants the effect of :
- without a needle
- a non-invasive method
- the effect is immediately visible
- a natural look
- high quality and safe hyaluronic fillers
- wrinkle increase
- increase lip volume

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