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The course for permanent makeup at Iner Esthetic Academy is individual, because then your concentration as a student is best. In our course you can quickly master techniques in the field that may become your primary interest. All material used during the course is provided and included in the price. Through hands-on work, you gain the confidence you need to continue working with your clients.

Duration: 2 days x 4 hours
Thematic units:

First day of training - theory
Second day of training - practical training on your own models. Attendees learn the powder method, permanent makeup - lip liner and lips.
A history of permanent makeup
Sterilize and sanitize
Basics of Dermatology
Recovery and control
Mentor support during the course and upon completion

Permanent Makeup Powder Eyebrow Powder Lip Liner + Equipment + Online Course + Master Class + International Course + International Certificate. A permanent make-up course involves the technique of drawing the eyebrows where the machine is used throughout the work. Learn the plotting parameters of the client's face, also practice the eyebrow powder shading technique or tribal "Spectacular technique that can bring perfection to your face" also comes with a mouth or alder course where you bring your features to perfection .. Any woman can look nurtured at all times.

Permanent Makeup Correcting minor imperfections or highlighting certain facial features, most commonly eyebrows, lips The method provides seamless and constant make-up, correcting and fulfilling all individual aesthetic requirements and provides a sense of constant beauty.

This is done by pulling the upper eyelid line. They can go the entire length of the eyelid, and may be partial. The line thickness and color choices are individual.

For lips, the contours of the lip lines are drawn, as well as filling the entire surface of the lips (at the client's request), which can achieve some lip correction and expressiveness. The color spectrum will help you choose the color that works best.

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