Course Professional Make Up

If you've always wanted to become a professional makeup artist or simply learn how to make your own makeup, you're in the right place. The courses at Iner Esthetic Academy are individual because we believe that this is the only way we can devote ourselves to every student and transfer the knowledge most effectively. Because the training is individual, there is flexibility in keeping the dates, so you can adjust the classes to your obligations. You do not need to have prior knowledge, and all materials and accessories are provided and are included in the course price. Whether you choose an accelerated makeup course or a professional makeup course, be sure to gain maximum commitment and acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully step into the world of professional makeup.

Duration: 10 days x 3 hours
Thematic units:

Face shape
The shapes of the eyes
Eyebrow and lip correction
Daily makeup
Evening lipstick
Smokey eyes
Technique 3d
Wedding Makeup
Makeup for graduates
Putting on artificial eyelashes
Narrowing of the face
Visually enlarged breasts
Mentor support during the course and upon completion

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